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The Spiral Tower

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The Spiral Tower

The final part of the Bladestorm series

As their captured Dreadhold is wracked with a three-way war, the Celestial Vindicators look to the Manticore Realmgate as their last hope for survival…

It's the epic conclusion to the story and it has everything you could hope for: epic battles, grand heroism, monstrous betrayal, noble sacrifice three different armies duking it out… it's a winner.

The battle still rages atop the walls of the Dreadfort as Lord-Celestant Bladestorm leads an expeditionary force through the Manticore Realmgate, hoping to find Sigmar’s missing messenger in the Realm of Metal – only he knows where Bladestorm’s Warrior Chamber is to march next. In the Realm of Beasts, Lord-Castellant Eldroc fights a desperate battle to hold the orruk tribes at bay until his commander returns, a mission that will surely see him returning to Sigmar’s side in Azyrheim before the day is out.

Written by Matt Westbrook

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