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Chosen of Sigmar

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Chosen of Sigmar

Part 6 of the Bladestorm series

With his forces devastated and enemies on all sides, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm puts into action an audacious plan that could spell victory or doom his remaining warriors to a painful death.

It's the Stormcast Eternals as you've never seen them – their backs to wall, weapons in hands with only a slim hope of victory. But the story isn't over yet…

As an orruk horde fills Splitskull Pass, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm knows that his brother-in-arms, Mykos Argellon, has fallen in battle. The Dreadfort has to be held until the Manticore Realmgate is cleansed, or Bladestorm’s mission will have failed. The Lord-Celestant sees only one way to keep the orruks at bay… Meanwhile, below the fort’s beleaguered walls, Atrin Eagle-Eye and the priestess Alzheer hunt Xos’Phet, seeking revenge for the tribes of the plains – but the Chaos sorcerer has his own hunting beast to set on their scent in turn.

Written by Matt Westbrook

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