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The Manticore Dreadhold

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The Manticore Dreadhold

Part 3 of the Bladestorm series

Beset by treachery and in a desperate situation, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm prepares a risky strategy: an all-out assault on the heavily defended Manticore Gate.

There's betrayal, daemons, epic battle and a Stormcast rediscovering what makes him human... What more could you want?

Treachery threatens the success of the Celestial Vindicators’ quest for the Manticore Realmgate. Desperate for revenge against the orruk tribes that have slaughtered his family, the tribesman Rusik will pay any price to gain his vengeance – even if that means betraying his own people to the forces of Chaos. Furious at this deceit, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm readies his men for a desperate assault on the Manticore Dreadhold, to retake the Realmgate and rescue the Stormcast’s captured allies. Meanwhile at his fortress, Chaos Lord Varash Sunken-Eye unleashes a hateful ritual to summon forth a tide of daemons across the Roaring Plains. At the Dreadhold eternal enemies battle under the shadow of the great statue of Archaon. Here, the tortured Thostos Bladestorm will rediscover the man he used to be – but will that be enough for him to triumph?

Written by Matt Westbrook

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