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Splitskull Pass

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Splitskull Pass

Part 5 of the Bladestorm series

The saga of Thostos Bladestorm and the Celestial Vindicators continues as the battered and bloodied Stormcasts prepare to hold a vital pass against a massive horde or orruks. Will it be a heroic last stand or a mighty victory for the servants of Sigmar?

It's not often we get to see the Stormcast on the defensive, but it's kinda hard to do anything else when you're outnumbered by massive green brutes...

His faith in Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm restored, the noble Mykos Argellon prepares to hold Splitskull Pass against the hordes of the barbaric warboss Brakka Breakbones. Outnumbered and badly bloodied by the vicious fighting at the Manticore Dreadhold, Mykos and his men must summon every last ounce of their bravery and their faith in the God-King if they are to hold the pass long enough for the Realmgate to be cleansed. As their brothers fight and die under the blazing sun, Thostos and his men prepare the Dreadhold for a desperate defence. The future of Sigmar’s war against the vile servants of the Dark Gods depends upon their victory.

Written by Matt Westbrook

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