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The Gnawing Gate

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The Gnawing Gate

Part three in the Black Rift of Klaxus series

As the Stormcast continue on their quest to prevent the Black Rift of Klaxus from opening, a dangerous obstacle stands in their way: the sentient Gnawing Gate.

As if a living gate that devours anyone trying to pass through it wasn't enough of a wonder, this story contains that rarest of things: a brave skaven. Warlord Warpfang is a fascinating character, as vicious and bloodthirsty as a lord of Khorne and as cunning as a Tzeentch sorcerer... definitely one to watch (if he survives).

The war for Klaxus rages on! Having fought their way beyond the outer markers of the city, the Warrior Chamber of Orius Adamantine must find a way through the dread Gnawing Gate, a living edifice of Chaos. With the Bloodbound of Anhur and his skaven allies closing in, the Stormcast Eternals will need all of their determination and courage to triumph.

Written by Josh Reynolds.

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