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Six Pillars

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Six Pillars

Part four in the Black Rift of Klaxus series

The power of Sigmar meets the might of Khorne as Chaos Lord Anhur unleashes his Slaughterpriest on Lord-Celestant Orius Adamantine and his Stormcasts at the Six Pilllars.

It's a battle of faith and fury, with the God-King's might and forged sigmarite meeting the blood-soaked wrath of Khorne in a battle for survival.

Having survived the dreaded Gnawing Gate, Lord-Celestant Orius leads the Adamantine onwards into Klaxus. Deeper into the city, the perils increase tenfold for the Stormcast Eternals as Chaos Lord Anhur unleashes his Slaughterpriest Apadekak the Hungry. Among the Six Pillars, a slaughter ensues...

Written by Josh Reynolds

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