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Iron Tide

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Iron Tide

Part 4 of the Bladestorm series

The Celestial Vindicators are victorius, the Realmgate they seek theirs – but it has been corrupted by Chaos and must be cleansed. And the fighting has attracted a new foe, bloodthirsty orruks eager for battle...

The tale continues in epic fashion as the Stormcasts make a dramatic stand against a truly overwhelming enemy...

With their bloody victory over the forces of Chaos, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm and his Celestial Vindicators have taken the Dreadhold, but at great cost – many of their number have been slain, and there is no chance of reinforcement. Worse yet, the reclaimed Realmgate remains tainted by Chaos. If the Stormcasts are to use it in the next stage of Sigmar’s war, it must be cleansed. But drawn to the sounds of battle, and keen to test their cruel blades against Sigmar’s warriors, the orruks are marching to war. There is no time to mourn the dead, or to refortify the captured Dreadhold – the mighty warboss Brakka Breakbones is coming, and he brings with him a horde of warriors so vast that the earth shakes under their iron-shod boots. Battered and bruised by the fight against Chaos, the Stormcast Eternals must hold back the tide long enough for the gate to be purged of the baleful influence of the Dark Gods.

Written by Matt Westbrook

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