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The Shapers of Scars

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The Shapers of Scars

A Warhammer 40,000 short story

Death awaits Katla Helvintr – but the thread of a Fenrisian jarl is not easily cut, and as Katla dreams, life may yet find a way.

Take ship beneath the stormy skies of Fenris with a tale of a warrior-queen from the frozen death world who is every bit as stubborn as the Space Wolves.

Beneath the slate-grey skies of Fenris, a mighty jarl lies dying. She is a huntress queen, who has guided her people for many years, and the time for her thread to be cut is near. As those closest to her prepare for her passing, Katla Helvintr dreams. In her mind, she faces once more the great wyrm that laid her low, and if she loses this battle, her time is done. But Katla Helvintr is powerful, and has a wyrd upon her, and her end may not yet have come…

Written by Marc Collins

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