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Ghosts of Iron

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Ghosts of Iron

A Warhammer 40,000 story

On a devastated world, a tech-priest and her band of followers seek refuge in a damaged Titan. But will it prove their salvation, or their doom?

Get inside the head of a desperate tech-priest who has lost everything she knows – even as she gets into what passes for the head of a Battle Titan…

On the world of Sareme, the dream of Mars is dead. Forge-temples have been destroyed, and the tech-priests who watched over the world are dead – all but one. Magos Calliope Vartothex lives still, and leads a ragged band of injured and desperate followers, united by a single desire: to survive. In the ravaged desert wastes outside Forge Avarna, they find salvation – a deactivated Titan of the Iron Kings. If they can bring it under their control, Calliope and her comrades may still achieve victory. Yet Fury of Mars has its own machine-soul, and may not be so easily swayed…

Written by Marc Collins

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