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The Strong Among Us

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The Strong Among Us

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Blackfire Forge is under siege – but a loyal servant of the Imperium hopes the facility falls, for the true enemy is not at the walls, but within them…

Experience a tense and taut story that shows what life is like for loyal Imperial servants in a facility occupied by the enemy, and reveals the strange feeling of wanting an army besieging you to win.

Blackfire Forge is under siege. For seventeen days, faceless warriors have bombarded the walls of the forge, trying to break through its formidable defences and take the facility in the name of their god. Jarrah, a menial in the forge, may not know how to use the weapons that are attacking them, but he knows who built them: he and his fellow workers. For it is not an enemy of aliens or traitors who are at the walls: it is the Death Korps of Krieg, servants of the Imperium. Blackfire Forge has already fallen… and Jarrah prays the Emperor's forces can arrive in time to save him from those who would call themselves his allies.

Written by Steve Lyons

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