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Lightning Run

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Lightning Run

Summer of Reading 2018: Day Six

Imperial Navy Valkyrie pilot Salvatoria Grant is tasked with transporting a vital general on a secret mission – but when the journey goes wrong, Grant finds herself in the greatest danger of her life.

We've seen tales about ace Imperial fighter pilots – this takes a different tack with a Valkyrie pilot who is thrown into peril when a mission goes awry.

Elijan III has all but fallen to Chaos. Servants of the Dark Gods swarm across the world, and only a small contingent of Imperial forces remain – but as long as the Aquila flies, hope remains. And while pilot Salvatoria Grant's Valkyrie flies, she will keep fighting to return the world to Imperial control. Tasked with transporting an Astra Militarum general who may be the key to winning the war, Grant's mission takes an unpleasant turn and she finds herself in a situation out of her control and our of her comfort zone… but one that could save Elijan III.

Written by Peter McLean