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 Night Shriekers

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Night Shriekers

A Warhammer 40,000 story

An Imperial Navy training mission turns deadly when T'au Empire forces attack, and a newly-minted pilot is forced into a desperate battle for survival.

Gain an insight into the Aeronautica Imperialis with a tale of new pilots whose first training mission turns into something deadly.

On the world of Raskova, the apex predator is the nocturnadon, better known as the Night Shrieker. These fearsome beasts lend their name to an elite, all-female fighter squadron – and Marina Maranova is their newest recruit. Alongside her friend and rival Alena Nazoya, Marina prepares to scour the skies of the Emperor's enemies. Their first training flight with their new comrades turns deadly when T'au Air Caste forces attack, and Marina is forced into a battle for her life.

Written by Justin Woolley

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