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By Your Command

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By Your Command

An Adeptus Mechanicus story

Even the mightiest of war engines can be destroyed from the inside. And when the Imperator Titan Casus Belli is invaded by Heretic Astartes, it falls to its defenders, such as the Kastelan robots of 6Terror maniple, to defend it.

It's a tale of battle inside an Imperator Titan, as Kastelan robots – perhaps the coolest of all the Cult Mechanicus' war machines – fight Chaos Space Marines.

An Imperator Titan is among the mightiest of all the Imperium's war machines, a walking behemoth that can tower over the tallest wall, a nighimpregnable bastion, a symbol of the GodEmperor's might. But any bastion can be penetrated, any fortress invaded. And when the Imperator Titan Casus Belli falls victim to the rampages of enemy forces, its defences are activated – such as the Kastelan robots of 6Terror maniple, who must defend the mammoth Godmachine from the Heretic Astartes who would tear it down…

Written by Gav Thorpe

This story has previously appeared in the special edition of Imperator: Wrath of the God Machine.

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