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The Jagged Edge

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The Jagged Edge

An Astra Militarum story

Sergeant Aurelia Shale leads her squad on a dangerous mission into the mountains – a mission made even more hazardous by the presence of a commissar who happens to be Aurelia's sister…

Discover how family bonds are tested and regimental loyalty frayed as a pair of sisters meet on a dangerous mission – and both may not have the same goals.

As a sergeant in the Keplerian 23rd regiment of the Astra Militarum, Aurelia Shale has faced many challenges. But as she and her squad are sent into the hellish mountain range known as the Jagged Edge, she will face the sternest test of her career. Commissar Theodara Shale is ruthless, heartless and focused on her mission. She's also Aurelia's sister. Family tensions mix with Aurelia's suspicions that her sister's mission is not the same as her own – and that it could spell doom for them all.

Written by Maria Haskins

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