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Green and Grey

Astra Militarum

Green and Grey

An Astra Militarum story

Alone, trapped within the ruined hulk of his Leman Russ, Lucius Stilo's first mission as a tank crewman isn't going quite as he had hoped…

Get deep into the head of a green Astra Militarum trooper and witness his hopes, fears, and disappointment as the reality of life serving the Imperium sets in.

When Lucius Stilo awakens, pain and darkness are his companions. He is trapped alone in the confines of a silent Leman Russ Battle Tank, or at least almost alone. With him are the corpses of his crew, and over the vox his company commander reminds him of his training and his duty to the Astra Militarum and the God-Emperor. And then there are the savage greenskin enemies nearby… It's Lucius Stilo's first mission. It might well be his last.

Written by Edoardo Albert

This story is also available in the anthology Inferno! Volume 4..

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