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Iron Devil

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Iron Devil

An Astra Militarum story

Taking refuge from deadly desert storms, the Imperial Guardsmen of the Cadian 267th find themselves in even more danger as they face the might of an ork Morkanaut.

It's an old-fashioned haunted house story – it's just that the house is an abandoned Adeptus Mechanicus factory and the ghost is a huge (and deadly) ork war machine. There's even a madman in the attic (well, the control room)...

The last survivors of their company, the battered remnants of the Cadian 267th trek across the deadly toxic deserts of Sanzu in search of salvation. Taking shelter in a damaged Adeptus Mechanicus facility, they think they have found a place to await reinforcements – but something lurks in the darkness, something large and dangerous and determined to kill every last Imperial Guardsman. The Morkanaut awaits...

Written by C L Werner

Iron Devil is also available as an MP3 audio drama. The text presented here in prose has been revised and expanded from the version found in the audio drama.

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