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Sand Lords

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Sand Lords

Advent Calendar 2018: Day Twenty-Two

Lost in the desert, their vehicles failing and water nearly done, the Tallarn 236th Sand Lords are in trouble – but even more danger is about to find them.

It's a tense tale that explores the infamous Tallarn Desert Raiders and shows their resourcefulness in the face of near-certain death.

In the deep deserts of Marbas II, Captain Amareo Thrax of the Tallarn 236th – the infamous "Sand Lords" – is in trouble. His convoy of 28 armoured recon vehicles is down to a mere handful. Water is low and shade non-existent. And morale is as low as it can be, his warriors bitter and terrified. As he reflects on the events that led them to these dire straits, little does he realise that the horror has yet to end…

Writen by Peter McLean

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