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The Price of Duty

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The Price of Duty

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Few duties can strike as much fear in a commissar as serving with a regiment of troopers from the Death World of Catachan. For Commissar Jasper Nevin, that fear has become reality…

Matt Smith takes a grim and darkly comic look at the relationship between the Catachan Jungle Fighters and their commissars.

Jasper Nevin is a commissar… and he is afraid. Not even the rigorous and brutal teachings of the Schola Progenium have truly shaken the fear from him, and as he faces rebel soldiers, fear takes him. But in truth, it is not Nevin's enemies who scare him the most, but the troopers who it is his responsibility to shepherd… the warriors of the Catachan 64th. With his authority in tatters and the Catachans rarely more than a moment from violence, Nevin faces an uncertain future…

Written by Matt Smith

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