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An Astra Militarum story

Gollph, a savage warrior who's now part of an Astra Militarum tank company, uses his comrades' distaste at his origins as part of a plan to get their commander a treat.

Take a look at the mix of cultures that makes up the Astra Militarum, and see how those perceived as savage might just see the more ""civilised" members of their armies to be every bit as savage in their own way…


In the Astra Militarum, humans from many cultures across the galaxy mix and mingle – but it's not always an easy fit… Gollph, a crew member on the Baneblade Cortein's Honour, hails from the feral world of Bosovar, and is looked down on by many of his more supposedly civilised comrades. But that can be useful… When news comes that the company is moving on to a new world. Gollph and his fellow crew hatch a plan that will use the way the Bosovar are perceived to get them a rare treat… if it works.

Written by Guy Haley

This story also appears in the Warhammer 40,000 short story anthology Warriors & Warlords.

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