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Serpents of Ardemis

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Serpents of Ardemis

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Attending a grand ball on a distant world, Navigators Lady Chettamandey and Lord Azariel are drawn into political intrigue with deadly consequences.

See an episode from the life of Navigator nobles set before the events of the novel Rites of Passage.

Lady Chettamandey and Lord Azariel of the Navigator House Brobantis visit the world of Ardemis for the governor's annual ball – but it's not just dancing and drinks on the agenda. Contracts and politics are at stake. When an anonymous note is left in their chambers providing just the information they need, it falls to Chetta and Azariel to untangle a twisted web of motivations and get to the heart of a mystery.

Written by Mike Brooks.

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