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Strong Bones

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Strong Bones

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

A trio of ogors go in search of food, but find something vile and monstrous – fleshless horrors that definitely don't make good eating…

Find out how the ogors of the Mortal Realms view the Ossiarch Bonereapers, and what they do when they can't eat their foes.

Stugkor, Aldok and Chigger are young ogors, devotees of the Everwinter who follow their stomachs – even when they're told not to by their tribe's elders. Embarking on a raid on a human settlement, the trio find that their prey has already been taken – and turned into undead monsters of bone. Worst of all, their flesh has been abandoned to rot uneaten… The three ogors discover to their horror that their prey have now become the predators…

Written by Michael R Fletcher

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