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The Crystal Cathedral

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The Crystal Cathedral

An Adepta Sororitas story

The discovery of a long-lost cathedral brings joy to the Order of the Bloody Rose… until an unexpected attack turns their celebration into a desperate fight for survival.

Witness the power and the danger of faith through the eyes of Sister Augusta as a celebration of their religion puts the Sisters of Battle into harm's way.

On Caro, the smallest moon of the planet Lena Beta, there stands a miracle. In a gorge on the moon is a cathedral to the Emperor made from pure, black glass. Sister Augusta and her fellow Battle Sisters from the Order of the Bloody Rose stand guard over this most unexpected find, taking joy in its presence – for this place was built to honour fallen sisters of their order more than a millennium ago. Yet their peace cannot last. As they mark the moment with a solemn service, an unexpected attack leaves the sisters forced to bring death to this holy place, whether they want to or not.

Written by Danie Ware

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