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The Horus Heresy


A Primarchs audio drama

On the Macragge's Honour, Ultramarines Sergeant Ammon defends the primarch's chamberlain, Tarasha Euten. He doesn't expect that even in the midst of danger, the venerable woman has a lesson to impart…

Get an insight into Roboute Guilliman from one of those closest to him, a woman who has been with him throughout his life. Discover how history has altered an event in his past… and not for the last time.

As the Ultramarines flagship Macragge's Honour comes under attack, Seargeant Ammon rushes to the quarters of Tarasha Euten, the primarch's chamberlain. Euten has been by Guilliman's side since he was a child, and counselled him across the decades. Old in body but still sharp and wise, she gives the sergeant a lesson in leadership, using an example from the primarch's youth. Prepare to discover how young Roboute conquered the hill tribes and brought peace to Macragge… just not in the way the history books record.

Written by Darius Hinks. Running time 28 minutes. Performed by Barnaby Edwards, Jonathan Keeble, Penelope Rawlins & Andrew Wincott.

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