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Reflections in Steel

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Reflections in Steel

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Taken by Chaos raiders, young Kenji suffers as a slave… but does he have the strength to step onto the Eightfold Path and join his captors as a champion of Chaos?

See how insidious the wiles of Chaos can be in the Mortal Realms, and the ways in which the Dark Gods can ensnare an unwary soul

The town of Kyoshima has survived many perils, from vicious grot wolf riders to warbands of feral flesh-eaters. Now, doom has finally come in the form of Kravoth's Reavers, followers of the Dark Gods. The fortunate died quickly – young Kenji suffers a worse fate, rescued from death by the raiders' leader, Gharm, and taken as a slave. In his captivity, he sees just one hope of survival – to join his captors. Can Kenji walk the Eightfold path, or will he be consumed by the darkness?

Written by C L Werner

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