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An Astra Militarum story

As they desperately struggle to reach an extraction point and evacuate from a doomed world, a squad of Valhallan Ice Warriors discover a terrible secret that sets them on a new path.

It's a tale showing the vanguard of a tyranid invasion from the ground level, and getting into the horror of a Genestealer Cults uprising.

Katraxis is doomed. Hive Fleet Kraken has been defeated, its back broken at Macragge, but tendrils continue to lash out at Imperial worlds, and one such hive fleet has come to Katraxis. Even the tenacious Valhallan Ice Warriors, famed for their unwillingness to back down, regardless of the odds, are in retreat. Sergeant Konrad Ven Mikkelsen and his squad make for their extraction point when they discover a horrific secret: xenos who look like men, and have lain in wait for this moment for generations. With a war on two fronts on a world doomed to destruction, what with the Valhallans do? Survive – or die in glory?

Written by Steve Lyons

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