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The Battle for Markgraaf Hive

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The Battle for Markgraaf Hive

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Survivors of a dead world, the troopers of the Cadian 101st regiment defend Hive Markgraaf, bringing death to traitors in the name of the planet they lost.

As well as being an action-packed tale of the Astra Militarum, this story shows the feelings of the Cadians on the loss of their world as they continue to defend others.

The Cadian 101st regiment wage war in the depths of Hive Markgraaf. Trooper Minka, wracked by doubts and fears about the future of her regiment and her people, grits her teeth and gets on with the job of defeating the heretics who haunt the hive city. Mounting a dangerous assault into the darkest reaches of the ancient structure, they prepare to defend the planet in its darkest hour – as they failed to do with Cadia.

Written by Justin D Hill

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