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Baphomet by Night

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Baphomet by Night

An Astra Militarum story

Assigned to garrison duty on the recently reclaimed forge world Baphomet, Astra Militarum Corporal Cully and Sergeant Rachain find a mystery on their hands…

It's a grim, gritty and atmospheric Warhammer 40,000 debut from Peter McLean.

The war for Baphomet is over. The Chaos cult which brought the planet to its knees has been defeated, and the ruined forge world is back in Imperial hands. Sergeant Rachain and Corporal Cully of the Reslian 45th are assigned to garrison duty in an outpost in a shattered city – a nice easy job… or so it seems. When an attack from the smoke-shrouded darkness leaves several of their number dead with no sign of enemy casualties, the Astra Militarum troopers start to wonder just what is out there.

Written by Peter McLean

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