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An Astra Militarum story

In the midst of a deadly siege, Commissar Severina Raine is forced to execute an officer of the regiment she oversees and then to execute his mission and lead her forces on a dangerous mission into enemy territory.

It's a fantastic look at how a commissar integrates with a regiment whose ways are foreign to her, and at how she maintains discipline and takes command when forced to do the least nice part of her job – execution.

The traitor fortress of Mone is under siege. The Astra Militarum of the 11th Antari Rifles Stand against the rebels, desperately seeking a way to break the siege and claim victory. When their captain refuses an order to advance in the face of devastating enemy firepower, it falls to Commissar Severina Raine to marshal the Antari forces and lead them on their dangerous mission.

Written by Rachel Harrison

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