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Choke Point

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Choke Point

An Astra Militarum story

Battered survivors in a dangerous war are given a chance at salvation – all they have to do is accompany elite troopers on a deadly mission…

It's the Astra Militarum on the offensive, with tension between regiments and secret agendas at work – a triumphant short tale from Mike Brooks.

For three weeks, the battered remnants of the Kilgannor 27th Astra Militarum have held the line against the frenzied assaults of Waaagh! Zogreb. Now, deliverance arrives in the form of Commissar Dorin and his troopers, Militarum Tempestus of the famed Delphic Lions. But survival is not enough… When the commissar drafts Lieutenant Kaseen and the surviving troops into a dangerous mission that could change the tide of battle, the Kilgannor troopers face victory… or death.