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Wrath of Khârn

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Wrath of Khârn

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Khârn the Betrayer leads an assault on a Slaanesh temple as internecine war rages between the servants of Chaos. But has he met his match in the insidious servants of the god of excess?

This classic story by William King gets into Khârn's head and shows how he gets swept up in the tide of slaughter – and just why he is the Blood God's favoured son.

Of all the enemies that the Berzerkers of Khorne wage war against in the 41st Millennium, none are so hated by their blood-soaked god as the servants of his rival, Slaanesh. As Khârn, champion of the Blood God and renowned across the galaxy as 'the Betrayer', leads an assault on the Slaaneshi Temple of Superlative Indulgence, he knows his lord's blessing is with him – but will the insidious wiles of the servants of the god of excess prove a match for the Betrayer's fury?

Written by William King

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