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The Battle of Blackthunder Mesa

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The Battle of Blackthunder Mesa

Advent Calendar 2018: Day Fifteen

Defending a T'au Empire training facility from a column of Imperial tanks, Commander Bravestorm may have to turn to new technologies and a new way of war to claim victory.

It's the origin of a hero – and an infamous technology used by the Farsight Enclaves, in a tie-in to Phil Kelly's Commander Farsight series.

On the T'au Empire sept world of Dal'yth, the warriors of the Fire Caste fight a losing battle against the human Imperium. With the gue'la, as the t'au call them, willing to throw seemingly endless manpower into the meatgrinder of war, the Greater Good has no solution. But Commander Farsight might… In the training facility of Dal'ryu, an experimental weapon heralds a new way of war, championed by Farsight – and with a force of Imperial tanks closing on the facility, Commander Bravestorm may just have to use this "Onager Gauntlet" if he is to claim victory.

Written by Phil Kelly

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