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The Weakness of Others

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The Weakness of Others

A World Eaters short story

A terror stalks the cold night, killing foe and friend alike. As his tally of skulls rises ever higher, one warrior earns the name that will follow him forever: Betrayer.

This blistering tale perfectly captures the bloody core of Khârn the Betrayer. Expect blood to run cold and heads to roll...


Night has fallen on Skalathrax, and the World Eaters do battle with the Emperor's Children across the frozen world. Atrocities are committed and horrors unleashed, but one above all will echo through history. For a former hero of the XII Legion has returned, and as his tally of skulls grows high, he cares not whether they come from friend or foe. Before the night is over, he will earn the name that will follow him forever: Betrayer.

Written by L J Goulding

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