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The Mistress of Threads

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The Mistress of Threads

A Horusian Wars story

A message from a distant cousin sets Viola von Castellan – backed by the authority of Inquisitor Covenant – on the trail of a mysterious cartel with murky motives.

It's a fascinating look into the post-Gathering Storm Imperium, and told in a very different way – through a series of communications and reports making up an Inquisition case file.

Among the companions of Inquisitor Covenant are scions of the famed von Castellan dynasty, a mercantile clan with links to many other such families throughout the Imperium. When a member of one such family reaches out to Viola von Castellan with a tale of woe that began with the dawning of the Great Rift, an investigation begins into the mysterious Cytos Cartel, an organisation that has wormed its way into the heart of the Imperium – but to what sinister purpose?

Written by John French

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