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Snares and Delusions

Matthew Farrer

Snares and Delusions

A Warhammer 40,000 story

The Word Bearers assault an aeldari Exodite world, as part of Chaplain De Haan's scheme to achieve his destiny – but just what do the Dark Gods have in store for him?

Destiny is a funny business, and this tale by Matthew Farrer shows just how difficult it can be to achieve the fate you think is yours – especially when the Chaos Gods are involved…

De Haan, Chaplain of the Word Bearers has a destiny – and when it is fulfilled, he will see the aeldari craftworld of Varantha burn. His quest for power and immortality takes him to an Exodite world, where he and his warriors must face the infernal trickery of the xenos. But will De Haan's formidable faith in himself see him through, or is his entire destiny in peril?

Written by Matthew Farrer

This story is also available in the There Is Only War anthology.

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