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Son of Sorrows

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Son of Sorrows

Advent Calendar 2018: Day Eight

Koleg is a killer. His skill is the creation of terror, an ability he exercises on behalf of Inquisitor Covenant. But what leads a man to become such a creature?

In a tie-in to the Horusian Wars saga, this tale explores the past of Koleg, the psychopathic killer who stalks Inquisitor Covenant's enemies.

Koleg is a killer. A stone-cold slaughterer, he puts his terrifying talents to use in the service of mankind, exercising his murderous abilities on behalf of Inquisitor Covenant. But what past darkness, what horrific deeds, can lead a man to become such a creature and devote his life to dealing death? As he prepares for a new mission, Koleg remembers his past and the events that brought him to where he is now…

Written by John French

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