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Death World


Death World

An Astra Militarum novel

A Catachan Jungle FIghters unit sent to the death world of Rogar III feel right at home… right down the the ork invaders and the mysterious threats from within the jungles.

There are few Imperial Guardsmen more iconic than Catachan Jungle Fighters, and seeing them in action on a world almost as deadly as Catachan (but not quite, of course) is a treat indeed.


The Catachan jungle fighters of the Imperial Guard are an elite regiment that specializes in destroying the Emperor's foes on the most dangerous worlds of the Imperium. Their training is really put to the test when a squad is sent to the death world of Rogar III in response to an ork incursion. But as well as dealing with the green-skinned orks they must do battle with the planet itself and the mysterious figures that stalk them across the deadly terrain. Deathworld is an action-packed tale of survival in the grim, far-future!

Written by Steve Lyons

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