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An Astra Militarum novel

Trapped in claustrophobic caverns with a massive horde of vicious orks, Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken must deal with both the foe and tensions within his regiment.

It's a tale of non-stop action with the always-interesting Catachan Jungle Fighters, and a fascinating insight into their ways, their philosophies and their greatest hero. It's also packed with nuggets of rich, dark humour which make it a joy to read.<

Plucked from a catastrophic war against the monstrous tyranids, Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken and his Catachan Jungle Fighters are sent to the cavern world of Dulma’lin to clear it of an ork infestation. Ranged against an overwhelming force of greenskins, and with the hostile attentions of Commissar Morrell upon them, the Catachans must overcome internal divisions and hold the line against the alien menace.

Written by Toby Frost

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