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Rebel Winter


Rebel Winter

An Astra Militarum novel

Caught between rebels and orks on the icy Danik's World, a company of Vostroyan Firstborn are cut off and must survive behind enemy lines while escorting a vital traitor through territory filled with threats…

It doesn't get much more classic than the Imperial Guard fighting orks… and throw some rebels, a secret mission and tension with high command, and you have all the makings of a stone cold (or ice cold, perhaps) classic.


Captain Sebastev of the Vostroyan Firstborn has risen through the ranks, much to the chagrin of some of his fellow officers. His mettle is truly put to the test during a posting on the ice-encrusted battlefields of Danik's World, fighting against a fierce rebellion. Caught between rebels and hordes of orks, Sebastev's company is tasked with holding the line, while the rest of the Vostroyan army makes a tactical retreat. But the withdrawal goes horribly wrong, and Sebastev and his men are cut off and stranded behind enemy lines. Worse still, when new orders come in, the captain must not only try to ensure the survival of his company but escort a traitor back to Vostroyan high command or all efforts in the war thus far will have been for nothing!

Written by Steve Parker

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