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A Death Spectres story

As Alundra searches for her brother on a world haunted by the fearsome Flayers, she encounters what might be her people's saviours – or their destroyers.

It's a sinister story set on a world overrun by Necron Flayed Ones – a distinctly dark horror-tinged tale from the pen of Cavan Scott.

The world of Sandran is plagued by an eternal horror. Terrifying mechanical monsters with knives for fingers, which drape themselves in the flesh of the dead, raid the planet periodically. The people of Sandran have learned to live their lives in the shadow of the creatures they know as the Flayers. But as Alundra, a young woman in search of her errant brother, comes face-to-skull with one of the Flayers, her fate – and that of her world – is radically changed. The Death Spectres have come to defeat the metallic monsters. But will the people of Sandran be saved, or will they be collateral damage?

Written by Cavan Scott

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