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A Drukhari story

Skanis, a drukhari formerly of the kabals and newly modified to be a winged scourge, must brave the perils of the Kaledari Spire to reach the Dark City's highest point and begin his new life.

Ben Counter takes his penchant for gruesomely dark and sinister stories into the drukhari city of Commorragh, where horror awaits…

In the Dark City of Commorragh, the drukhari Skanis stands poised on a precipice. His old life as a warrior of the kabals is over, and his new life is set to begin. He has paid dearly for the haemonculus' work, and his new form – that of a winged scourge – will take him soaring far above the petty squabbles of Commorragh. But first he must brave the perils of the Kaledari Spire to reach the highest point of the city, the point from which he will take flight – and rise to his new existence.

Written by Ben Counter

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