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Da Big Mouf

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Da Big Mouf

A Warhammer 40,000 short story

The orks on the space hulk Da Big Mouf love a good fight – but they're not prepared for the latest enemies to invade their warp-borne home

Danie Ware's written a lot from the perspective of the Adepta Sororitas. Now you can see how her sisters look from an enemy's point of view.

On the space hulk Da Big Mouf, the Deathskulls reign supreme. Among these bold greenskin lootas, few are as respected as Grimdak – after all, he's one of the biggest AND he has the best shoota. But when invaders board the hulk, Grimdak and his fellow orks find themselves in the fight of their lives. They're facing humies in heavy armour with bolters – but they're not Space Marines. These warriors are something the orks have never seen before… Can Grimdak, his boss, and his boyz survive the holy wrath of the Sisters of Battle?

Written by Danie Ware

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