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Where Dere's Da Warp Dere's A Way

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Where Dere's Da Warp Dere's A Way

An Orks Short Story

On board an Adeptus Mechanicus vessel, Ufthak of the Bad Moons seeks his prize no matter what challenges stand in his way.

Discover a tale in equal parts savage and hilarious as Mike Brooks turns his hand to the sinister antics of the greenskins.

Ufthak Snazzhammer of the Bad Moon clan serves under the mighty warboss known as Da Meklord. But Ufthak is an ork with ambition – and when the clan seizes the chance to board a vessel belonging to the Adeptus Mechanicus in search of valuable plunder, he sees an opportunity to prove himself and rise to greatness. Many challenges lie in Ufthak's way, but he's not going to let them get to him. Destiny awaits…

Written by Mike Brooks

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