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The Tau'va

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The Tau'va

A T'au Empire story

Dropped into the heart of an enemy horde, disgraced Fire Warrior Kal'va must buy time for his fellow t'au to evacuate – with his life the price.

It's action packed but meditative, and shows how even in disgrace, and with death looming, a warrior of the T'au Empire can be of use to the Greater Good.

Censured by the Ethereals after endangering a mission and disobeying the tenets of the Greater Good by seeking revenge against to enemies who killed his teammates, Kal'va is tasked with a dangerous mission. Equipped with a Crisis battlesuit and dropped into the heart of an enemy army, he must battle an unending horde of orks to buy time for his fellow t'au to evacuate. Can he redeem himself in death, or will he legacy be one of failure?

Written by Andy Smillie

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