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Vengeance Eternal

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Vengeance Eternal

The first story in the Bladestorm series

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The Celestial Vindicators battle in the Realm of Beasts. But the biggest danger to the Stormcasts might come from their own Lord-Celestant, Thostos Bladestorm.

It's the start of a brand new storyline for the Stormcast Eternals, focusing on the Celestial Vindicators and the dangerous consequences of reforging. Learn more about how the Stormcasts are affected by returning to life after death. Also, this first part is free!

Dispatched to retake the Manticore Realmgate from the foul clutches of Chaos, Thostos Bladestorm continues to struggle with the aftermath of his Reforging. Cold and distant, the Lord-Celestant only feels truly alive in the midst of battle. Accompanying Thostos on his quest, Lord-Celestant Mykos Argellon begins to question his fellow Stormcast’s fitness for command, as Thostos’ fury continues to lead the Celestial Vindicators into danger....

Written by Matt Westbrook

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