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Call of Chaos Quick Read Collection

Quick Reads

Call of Chaos Quick Read Collection

Twelve Warhammer Age of Sigmar short stories

The Age of Chaos is over, but the followers of the Dark Gods fight on. Across the Mortal Realms, they stand against the Stormcast and their other enemies. With the power of their gods behind them, they are mighty... and this collection contains twelve stories of them in battle and plotting to seize power across the realms.

You can see servants of each of the gods in action in a dozen tales of action and betrayal. From a servant of Tzeentch who underestimates a god not his own, to several stories about the lengths to which servants of Chaos will go to achieve daemonhood, this is a great look at the motivations of the followers of the Ruinous Powers.

Chaos is ascendant across the Mortal Realms. Though Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals battle valiantly to lift the taint of the Dark Gods, their pervasive touch corrupts all. Across the realms, servants of Chaos battle amongst themselves for power, glory, followers and the right to lead their armies against the celestial invaders. This collection contains twelve stories aabout champions of Chaos and those who stand against them.

The stories included are:

The Unending Storm by Nick Nyme
By the Horns & Daemon of the Deep by Rob Sanders
The Gift of Khorne & The Crystal of Fate by Guy Haley
The Last Gift by Josh Reynolds
The Prodigal by David Annandale
Gorechosen by Andy Clark
The Eighth Victory and The Sacrifice by Graeme Lyon
Godless by David Guymer
Lord of the Cosmic Gate by Gav Thorpe

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