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The Keys to Ruin

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The Keys to Ruin

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Their hold lost, their future bleak, the Fyreslayers of the Drunbhold lodge look to their past, and seek a return to their original home. But the way is filled with many dangers…

It's a thrilling saga of loss and moving forwards, getting into the heart of the doughty and indomitable nature of the duardin.

The future looks bleak for the Fyreslayers of the Drunbhor lodge. Their magmahold – Sibilatus, the howling mountain, which has stood for centuries in the face of all foes – has fallen. Daemons of the god of change swarm across their ancestral lands. The only hope lies in an ancient prophecy that says that the Drunbhor will one day return to their original home and reunite with their brothers and sisters there in the battle against Chaos. And so the Drunbhor march, but many enemies block their path…

Written by David Annandale
This story has been previously published in Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Fyreslayers and Hammerhal & Other Stories.

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