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The Dance of the Skulls

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The Dance of the Skulls

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Invited to a ball in her honour by the queen of a neighbouring kingdom, Neferata, Nagash's Mortarch of Blood, senses danger… but none are more dangerous than she.

Neferata is a fascinating character, with a history stretching back to the World That Was, and David Annandale gets his teeth into a tale of her subtlety and charm… and deadly skills.

Even in Shyish, the Realm of Death, civil war between great powers is common. Neferata, Mortarch of Blood, rules the kingdom of Nulahmia, but jealous neighbours vie for power and glory in open war, and in subtler ways… Invited to a ball in her honour by Queen Ahalaset of Mortannis, Neferata knows that she enters a nest of vipers, with danger lurking in every shadowed corner. But the ancient vampire will prove that no danger is greater than that she poses to those who would try and see her fall.

Written by David Annandale

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