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Shattered Crucible

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Shattered Crucible

A Fyreslayers story

The Fyreslayers of the Krelstrag lodge are driven by portents and visions to prepare for war – but will it lead to their destruction or their salvation?

It's a tale of foretold doom and fiery action as the doughty duardin face monstrous daemons in the battle of their lives.

In the heart of the Realm of Fire, the Fyreslayers of the Krelstrag lodge make their home. Amidst a great lake of lava in a tear in the landscape they believe was made in their warrior-god Grimnir's final battle, they go about their business. But dire portents, and visions of destruction, force them into action, and they undertake a long journey to make good on a half-forgotten oath. But when a horde of monstrous daemons bars their path, will they find salvation – or devastation?

Written by David Annandale

This story is also available in the anthology Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Fyreslayers.

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