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The Sulphur Citadel

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The Sulphur Citadel

Part 8 of the Black Rift series

The Sulphur Citadel has been breached, and the Black Rift is ready to be conquered. But can the Stormcasts manage the task, or will they fall at the final hurdle?

It's the dramatic conclusion to the tale, and a clash of hero and villain... with no guarantees that either of them will walk away.

After much bitter battle, Lord-Celestant Orius Adamantine has reached the Sulphur Citadel to confront Anhur, the Scarlet Lord of Khorne. Lives past and present collide as these two champions clash to determine the fate of Klaxus itself. The Black Rift opens and there is but a slim chance to prevent the city falling to Chaos and a nexus to the realm of Khorne being unleashed. Only by entering the rift is there any hope of victory, but at what cost for Orius and his Adamantine?

Written by Josh Reynolds

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