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Bridge of Smoke

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Bridge of Smoke

Part 7 of the Black Rift series

The Stormcasts near their goal – the heart of the Sulphur Citadel and the lair of the Scarlet Lord. But first they must cross the Bridge of Smoke and defeat its dread guardians – skaven, Bloodbound and monstrous daemons...

The tale nears its conclusion, but the outcome is far from clear. Armies stand between the Stormcasts and the Black Rift, and the situation looks bleak...

Having penetrated deep into the heart of Uryx, the Stormcast Eternals of the Adamantine Warrior Chamber reach the Bridge of Smoke, a spectral crossing that will lead them to the Scarlet Lord's Sulphur Citadel. Conquer it and the Black Rift itself is all that remains. But armies of skaven, Bloodbound and worse have been summoned to defend it. Only god-wrought courage will see the quest done. Daemons are unleashed and Orius must trust in his warriors to guard his advance into the heart of hell, else the war will be lost.

Written by Josh Reynolds

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